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The  new VTech laptops are the perfect early learning tool for young kids. If your children are always pestering you to play with your computer, maybe it’s time to think about getting them a laptop of their own. Then they can enjoy a whole new way to have fun and be picking up new skills at the same time. They will be learning at an early age how to use a computer.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of the VTech Tote ‘N Go Laptop.



VTech laptops are easy for kids to use and they are strong and durable enough to withstand any of the rough handling that’s bound to happen. They provide 30 different age appropriate learning activities for your child to play with, such as games that teach basic English, math, or music skills.

Your little ones will love them for their big bright buttons and the fact that they are themed to represent their favorite movie or cartoon characters. Little girls will love the bright pink Tote and Go laptops, the Disney Princess and  Winnie The Poo themes. For the little guys there are manlier themes, such as SpongeBob, Wall-E, the Super Hero Squad, Toy Story 3 Buzz and Friends and the Buzz Spaceship.

Buzz Spaceship LaptopClick Here To Buy The V Tech Toy Story 3 – Buzz Spaceship Laptop

The V Tech Buzz Lightyear Star Command laptop features the voice of Buzz and is shaped like his starship.  This learning laptop contains thirty different activities that teach Spanish, phonics, letters, numbers, typing skills, logic and problem-solving. Kids will love the alien cursor-style mouse, LCD screen and pop-out wings. With a fantastic spaceship styled appearance, a QWERTY keyboard and cursor mouse, your child will experience excitement and independent play while learning.

VTech laptops for tots will teach your kids that learning can be fun too.

These laptops will be not only an exciting Christmas gift, but a great present for giving the kids or grandkids all year round.

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